Paris Fashion Week

Hi girls

Are You following the Parisian fashion week?

Everybody thinks that there is a lot of glam in this events. Reality is, there is glamour, but also a lot of weird people (maybe I shouldn’t say that ) sometimes you need to stand to see the shows, it’s very hot inside for all the lights, you cross people you don’t simpatize with, you finish very tired… Well, I suppose in the end is all worthy #not hehe

Fashion world is glamorous yes, but it’s also hard.

Here my outfit for today

Skirt Zara

Boots Chanel

Bag Louis Vuitton

Sunnies Vintage Dior

Cap Forever 21

Top I bought from a friend, don’t know the brand

Cowboy Boots

Hi lovies

So, I was looking my Instagram feed the other day, and all I see is Cowboy boots everywhere… I particularly don’t like so much this trend, but I always say that and I find myself buying some thing I told myself I don’t like two weeks before… hehe. This time I will think a little more before buying those boots… I have two pairs of Isabel Marant from some years ago collection, but they are not exactly like the ones on this season…

Tell me what do you think about this trend?